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(Actor) Nav - Maziyar Khatam

A graduate of the Humber Film and Television Production program, Maziyar Khatam is a Persian-Canadian filmmaker with the desire to tell endearing stories about offbeat relationships. 

Maziyar is also a co-owner of Funny Bone Pictures, a production company in Toronto producing short films, commercials and music videos. Flower Boy will be Maziyar’s acting debut he was allowed to shape the character and work intimately with the other actors during rehearsals. Currently looks like a Kpop star. 

(Actor) Sarah - Andrea Pavlovic

Andrea Pavlovic is a Canadian/Bosnian actress who graduated from the classical theatre training program at York University. Since then she has been exploring many fields from film, improvisation, and theatre.

Her most recent film, Flower Boy, points the audience towards a budding relationship that has it’s own quirks and quarrels, yet, reminds us all of a nostalgic past love and point in our lives. Andrea could not be more grateful to have been able to play Sarah in this film and portray her own quirky rendition of this young love.


(Actor) Frank - David Richard

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Director - Anya Chirkova

Anya Chirkova is a Russian born and raised film director. In her work, she's always looking to tell painful and yet cathartic stories that feel strikingly personal.


She is a co-founder of a Toronto based production company Funny Bone Pictures and a Humber College alumna. Anya’s goal is to develop her first feature narrative work.

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Fencer, Filmmaker, Cinematographer. Always looking to push the boundaries on what is visually possible. Can be found in Toronto and many airports.

Cinematographer - Jack Yan Chen


Picture Editor - Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham is a Toronto-based
freelance film editor, with a passion for bringing
original and thought-provoking stories to life. His goal as a

storyteller is to create content that entertains and challenges

us to ask important questions within ourselves.

His recent work includes the feature film Project Ithaca,

the award winning short film D.N.A, and the

Cannes Short Film Corner selection View.

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David Richard - Born July 31 1961 Toronto Ontario. Studied Film Acting At Seneca College. Improv Studies at Second City. Portrayed the character Ronald McDonald for 8 years and has been cast in films such as Nicotine, The Big Payback, Jamais Vu, Inland Freaks, Bitter, Farm Boy etc. Currently Resides In Keswick Ontario.

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